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CopyProphet is the only copywriting scoring engine on the planet.

 "Copy Prophet Software Increases The Performance Of Your Copywriting Using A Statistical Analysis Of Over 286,000 Profitable & Non Profitable Ads...Guaranteed with a 86% Predictability Rate! Know Which Ad, Headline Subject Line Will Convert Before You Even Spend A Dime On Ads Or Send a Broadcast! ."

Copy Prophet is the only copywriting scoring engine ever created and publicly available on this planet!

Formerly Glyphius, a desktop software, we've re-created our famous engine into an easy to use SaaS platform you can use at any time, anywhere in the world, even on your smartphone!

Whatever you write online, it will have an impact on your conversion rates, either positively or negatively! Score it with Copy Prophet to remove the guess factor and improve your profitability!

If you're a media buyer or advertiser spending money with Facebook ads, Google Ads, Bing, Native Ads, Youtube Ads, then you know how frustrating it is to find the right creatives: Hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested to split test a few headlines without having any idea why one would outperform the others, without any certainty that your copywriter did a good job providing a good set of headlines.

If you're a copywriter, then chances are you have to choose the right words to use. You are an expert in telling stories, and designing the perfect flow to trigger the right emotions and get people to take action. That said, changing a word can often have a tremendous impact on the results you'll get for your projects and clients. How and why would you pick a word against another, unless you have some scientific proof that it will get better results?

If you're a digital marketer, chances are your main communication and conversion channel is Email. That's how you get people into your brand, and that's still, to date, the best channel to educate people and turn them into customers and ambassadors of your brand and products / services.

You may of course split test your subject lines to see which ones generates the highest open rate, but you're still guessing. What if there was an easier way to craft the right subject lines that will get people to open and read your emails?

Copy Prophet is the solution to scientifically find the right words, the right message that will improve your copywriting profitability with a predictability rate of 86%.

Our engine is based on the analysis of 286,000 profitable and non profitable ads (not just from the digital era). We've derived an algorithm based on this analysis that is now able to score any piece of copy. By comparing 2 different headlines, the difference in score will tell you which one is predicted to perform the best when you start driving traffic.

You can keep improving your ads, headlines, subject lines and any piece of copy as much as you want using our easy to use interface. Copy / paste the copy you want to score, hit Score, change a word (or more), hit score and compare your results! It's that simple.

 "I think Glyphius (now Copy Prophet) is an extraordinary tool!" 

Michel Fortin, Copywriter, Digital Marketing Consultant

 "Clients don't pay us for our creativity, they expect measurable results. Glyphius helps us do just that!" 

Roberta Rosenberg


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